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Very Old Fic

Posted by girlscoutchick on 2007.04.22 at 18:38
So I'm trying to find a fic that I had saved on my computer, oh, easily six or more years ago, and was wondering if anyone here could help me find it. I know it's a long shot. It was a K/J fic written before the NJO had even started, so that should give you a bit of a time frame on it. I found it back when I was a newbie to this whole internet thing, saved it to a disk drive to read it, and I have absolutely no idea what happened to that disk or where I found it. It's been years though -- I mean, I think I found this thing before I knew about either fanfiction.net or theforce.net. Probably 2001 at the absolute latest.

Anyways, it's a K/J story, but that's only part of it. It's a longer story, but it starts (or at least has somewhere within it) with a scene very much like the opening of A New Hope, with the Solo kids on a Tantive IV-like ship and totally being badass when they're boarded. It also compares Jaina to Leia a great deal, both in looks and temperament regarding the whole diplomacy thing. The only other part I can specifically recall is Kyp doing meditation and trying to not think about Jaina while doing so (something about her name dripping like honey from his lips, or something poetical like that).

Seriously, this story's been bugging my mind with the desire to be re-read. I don't know title or author, and I'm willing to bet it's both very old (I really wouldn't be surprised if it's the first K/J fic ever, honestly - it doesn't take into account anything from even the YJK series, so it's probably years old) and not on ff.n or tf.n. The version I remember was incomplete, but again, this was years ago so who knows if that's accurate or not.

The only real detail I have is a quote I snagged because I thought it was great, and it was from the Author's Note: "This is the first chapter in an epic (don't laugh yet, I'll cry)", which I've tried Googling with combinations of Kyp and Jaina, and came up with nothing.

I know this is a pretty long shot, but I figured it might ring some bells with somebody who was a part of K/J fandom earlier than I (and also a bit more organized with the whole keeping tabs on where things came from). Any and all help, vague memories, or points in what might be the right direction would be greatly appreciated.

And on another random note: I had a fic series called Debates back on the boards before things went crazy there, and I have a few more written that never got posted. Anyone here interested in me posting them here, or has this board pretty much died?

Again, thanks for all the help. You guys are a great bunch - but then, I'm pretty biased in your favor ;).


(or Saber, if you know me from tf.n)


Jaya Pseudonym
jedielf at 2007-04-23 03:29 (UTC) (Link)
Sorry, I wouldn't know the first place to look for your 6-year-old fic, but I would like to see the ones you haven't posted. :)
fireyforce at 2007-04-23 04:16 (UTC) (Link)
Saber that story sounds familiar, but I couldn't tell you where to look if I wanted to. sorry -.-vvv I'd love to read anything that you haven't posted on tf.net. I miss your stuff. I actually reread some of them a few weeks ago.
jayamionedurron at 2010-11-25 09:17 (UTC) (Link)
Don't recognise the fic :(

just *waving* cause im pretty sure i recognise you from tf.n

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